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Pureflex Systems

Our History

From a humble background in a home office, Pureflex Systems started as a family of certified ICT professionals working towards a common goal of enhancing Uganda’s Information and Communications Technology infrastructure through the implementation of affordable technology and excellent services in government, private and non-government organizations.

Since 2015, Pureflex Systems Ltd takes pride in having worked with the biggest names such as; Bank of Uganda, Parliament of Uganda, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd, Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, Rural Electrification Agency, Airtel Uganda Ltd and many others.

With the increase in technology usage in our country and an increase in the hardware, software and services in our portfolio, we very worthily help our businesses elevate their efficiency and effectiveness in the way they conduct their activities.

Our specializations include but not limited to; desktop computing, Networks, server & storage infrastructure, Communication, security, Aviation Tower Control Solutions, Measurement, Networks and Testing Equipment & Services.