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CEO's Message

Pureflex Systems

CEO’s Message

Pureflex Systems Limited has been building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging operating environment since 2015. As the company CEO, my mission is to extend this trajectory into the future and turn Pureflex Systems Ltd into a regional technology company with unmatchable competences in systems integration, security and telecom infrastructure as well as support services to the clientele we serve.

.Continuous improvement in the systems, process and approach to our business practices is what defines our day today activities.  This enables us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in the landscape. But there is more to be done, and we remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and to further evolving the organization going forward.

It is essential that we align our actions to meet the needs of our clientele. To do this, we affirm our commitment to professionally serve our most valued stakeholders; the technology partners, shareholders, employees, and the wider society with final end-users/technology users at its core. With this commitment, we are confident that we can exceed expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests.

To this end, we have developed a concrete action 

plan, the one that concentrates on solving the customers’ need and behaving responsibly, striving for quality in everything we do, through internationally acceptable standards, continuous improvement, and leveraging diversity across the Pureflex Systems Ltd.

If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.

Peter Ntale